Rules & regulations

The following Rules and Regulations to carry out the objects of the Foundation and for managing the affairs of the Foundation and to give effect to the objects and purposes of the Foundation, are framed by the Trustees as it is fit and proper (as empowered by the clause 23 of the original Trust Deed dated 11.06.2007).

  • Any Trustee who absents himself from three consecutive meetings shall cease to be Trustee.
  • If any Trustee acts prejudicial or adverse to the interests of the Trust, may be removed by the Trustees by a simple majority of the Trustees present and voting at the meeting.
  • If any vacancy arises in the Board of Trustees, the same may be filled by co-option for a fixed term and the said co-opted Trust shall cease to be a Trustee at the end of the said fixed term.
  • The office of the Trustee shall be honorary and shall not carry any remuneration.
  • In the absence of the President, Vice President will preside over the meetings and Vice 
  • President shall assist the President in his/her work at all times.
  • The Secretary shall be in charge of day-to-day working of the Trust.
  • The Secretary shall send the meeting notice of Trust by circulation among the Trustees.
  • The Secretary shall call the meetings of the Trust in consultation with the President.
  • The Secretary shall maintain the Minutes of Meeting. 
  • Treasurer shall be in charge of the funds of the Trust.
  • Treasurer shall maintain the Financial Accounts of the Trust.
  • Treasurer shall sign the cheques along with the President/Vice President or Secretary. 
  • The Trust meetings will be held as stipulated under the Original Trust Deed in which quorum has been fixed at 7. However, this is subject to change depending on the number of active Trustees as on the day of the meeting. 
  • If there is no quorum for the meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned to a next date without transacting any business.
  • At the adjourned meeting, the meeting will go on to transact the business earlier fixed and no quorum is required for the adjourned meeting. 

Explanation for 8(a), 8(b)

If at any meeting, the quorum is not formed then the meeting of the Board of Trustees shall stand adjourned to the same day, at the same time and at the same place in the succeeding week for which there is no need of any quorum and no new subject will be considered in the adjourned meeting.