• Born in the City of Mysore (Officially named as Mysuru). The cultural ambiance and achievements of Mysuru earned it the sobriquet Cultural Capital of Karnataka. She lived the simple life of an Indian village girl. As in the case of most girls of rural upbringing, she somehow managed to complete her under graduation and learned to serve others as she helped her family run a large household and her service and sacrifices at all levels continues even today.
  • According to her traditional biographers, she lived lives of unconditional love, enthusiasm, sacrifices thereby showing the ideals of a householder and also the monastic ways of life. The disciples and students of Sri. V S Vijayaraghavan regarded her as their own mother, and after their guru’s passing away and looked up to her for advice and encouragement.
  • Ambitious Women literally work themselves to death and miss out on what is truly important — faith, friendship, community, and public service. It’s these things that make this woman a special person and is also ensuring the world around her is a better place, not how many dollars you’ve accumulated when you leave it.
  • Her social work covers the healthcare, education, empowerment of women, public hygiene, art and culture, and poverty alleviation at the grassroots level. She is trying her very best and leaving no stone un-turned and ensure to make the long vision of the founder a reality in every possible way with the help of the students who was the sole strength of the founder and continues to be even till date. She is one of the Founder Trustees and is currently holding the responsibility of the Managing Trustee.
  • She is a great woman who can stroke your ego and give you the confidence you need to succeed by praising what you do and not demeaning your ideas or vision. She shared the vision he had for himself and provided a sounding board for his ideas and actions in all of his endeavours.
  • A wonderful life partner will let you reach for the stars but be there to catch you if you fall back down to earth and she is just one of that best human being.
  • ACF is backed up, managed and supported professionally by the Board of Trustees, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise, followed by an Executive Committee and a well-defined professional workforce, however ACF is predominantly and largely run by the Founder’s Students Community and his Followers.