We at Antharal Charitable Foundation, always strongly believe in a very systematic, steady and a consistent approach to all the activities we do. However, we are planning to accelerate our activities and spread our reach in diverse fields and verticals depending on the need of the hour and in line with our larger objective and vision. 

We carried out Mega Health-Care check-up Camps at the far interiors, to safeguard the interests of the elderly in specific and the masses in general at the rural villages, which often get side-lined when it is most needed. 

Our teams penetrated into each and every individual home to ensure the aged and frail were looked after. Often, this was done under severely challenging conditions such as non- cooperation, harsh weather and inaccessibility by transport of any kind. This has been appreciated by the people, who are our best motivators. Our regular work was carried on and continued with zeal and commitment. 

We are now moving towards an enhanced structure, with a view to propelling future expansion. Among our forthcoming initiatives, will be incorporating high-quality healthcare, affordable education, people empowerment by imparting knowledge about their rights, awareness about various government schemes and projects and serve as a bridge between the government and the public, sustainable environment and upholding the culture and values of a True Indian.