elderly care & Assistance

Under this program initiative, the main focus is to provide opportunities for elderly citizens to take a participatory role in the society. Majorly, people after their retirement are expected to go into sort of away from the economic stream and not really participating in a meaningful way. As a result, there is a lot of loss of self- esteem. As a result of being treated on the periphery of the society rather than on the main stream. This send a lot of setbacks to the people’s own sense of self-esteem. If they were deriving before retirement, a lot of things like a job, an importance in the work area, because of which you have the earning power, you are the decision maker in the family. In the name of retirement there is job loss there are repercussions in every aspect of an individual’s participation in a society.

  • To encourage individuals to make provision for their own as well as their spouse’s old age. 
  • To encourage families to take care of their older family members. 
  • To enable and support voluntary and non-governmental organizations to supplement the care provided by the family.
  • To provide care and protection to the vulnerable elderly people; to provide adequate healthcare facility to the elderly.
  • To promote research and training facilities to train geriatric care givers and organisers of services for the elderly 
  • To create awareness regarding elderly persons to help them lead productive and independent live.
  • Represent the collective opinion of the older persons to the government. 
  • Suggest the steps to make old age productive and interesting. 

Antharal Charitable Foundation is striving hard to empower the elderly and focusing on addressing the many issues arising to the elderly at this phase of life.